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The Ocean Beach Writers Networking Group

I’d just like to thank Terrie for the work she does with writers. I met Terrie at our local OB Writers Networking Group. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I belonged there because the ad called for serious or published writers, but the group welcomed me anyways. The best part about working with Terrie and her group is that they, through their interest in your projects, hold you accountable to getting work done. Knowing that next Thursday, Terrie will be asking me, “what have you written?” Was just the little push that I needed. A few weeks later, I can proudly say that I’ve published multiple articles, I have a blog, and am well on my way to writing a book.


Writing Workshop Testimonials

So last night was my first time writing my novel in 3 years. I think having a writing coach is what I needed, someone to be held accountable to. I pushed out 1500 words after my dudes went to sleep.
Thank you Terrie Leigh Relf for helping me achieve my dreams…you will get your ten thousand words in a month!
I’m so excited.

– Meghan Flo Cosgrove

My goals for the course were to improve my writing, get help with writer’s block, find out if serial flashes were a good idea, find out when a story was too big for flash (or just the right size) and find out how to make sure my story ideas came across clearly. Oh my gosh! Not only were my goals and expectations met, but they were far exceeded!
For two years I’ve been struggling with my writing – writing stories and getting endless rejections and having no idea how to fix them; feeling dry and demotivated when I tried to write another story that seemed doomed to failure. I’ve looked at my stories from all angles and tried to find out what was wrong with them, writing and rewriting them without any success.

In the first two hour class, Terrie helped me pin point what wasn’t working with one of my stories, which I had labored over for two years, and over the remaining classes helped me to see the missing piece in my writing and how to correct it. Her engaging discussions, expert knowledge and supportive manner fired me with enthusiasm to write once again and inspired me to make the changes necessary to my work and submit them.

I learned techniques to help cope with writer’s block.

Terrie’s notes on my stories and the subsequent in depth discussions during class helped me to see the true difficulties I was having and how to fix them.
The various writing exercises and assignments improved my writing.
The homework gave me a structure to work with each week between class.
Terrie’s positive approach not only answered my questions – even ones I hadn’t thought of asking – but also helped me to get over my initial anxiety of discussing my work in public.

– Iseult Murphy, Author


Life Coaching Testimonials

In regards to our session, it was great! I felt so uplifted and energized afterwards and I have built emotionally and spiritually since then! Thank you so much Terrie! Thank you for keeping in touch through both of our progressions and our endeavors.

– Jonathan Oravsky, Medical Support Assistant, Veterans Association

Changing careers and getting a small business off the ground is hard work. Remaining steadfast and dedicated to the new business venture, the decisions, the business plan, the mission statement, the budget, and the lifestyle changes as days are long and stressful is very difficult! Your job is no longer 9 to 5 and Monday through Friday! Suddenly every waking hour and often the sleeping hours are consumed by the new venture! The new venture can become the problem! After all the new venture is now your livelihood.

Terrie is so good at helping me make business, relationship, and personal adjustments by asking pointed questions to get to the root of the challenges. While talking it out can be useful starting point, Terrie really takes it all a step further by steering me towards resolution. Her integrative style is holistic and powerful as she uses Reiki and guided mediations along with NLP and hypnotherapy, and recommends lifestyle adjustments such as time with my husband, mediation, and so forth. I leave every session with Terrie feeling refreshed, regenerated, and focused.

– Julie Sutton

Terrie has helped me look at finding a balance in my life between positive and negative. I am very grateful for this. . .I made a list about ten pages long of all the things I appreciate about a friend. . .She told me what she saw in relation to past lives. This helped me. It confirmed what I had felt and seen. It helped me move on from a place where I had been stuck for a while. I have been involved with guided meditation for years, in rebirthing classes. I have also been a subject for a friend who was studying guided hypnosis. Having a phone session worked well for me. I saw myself being born thousands of lifetimes. I went back to the original light source. It was awesome. This session helped me to be more centered.

I consider Terrie to be skilled and wise. I have had some kind of breakthrough because I find myself dreaming, which is one area I have had blocks in.

– Marilyn Reed


Alban Lake gave me a shout-out in the December 2015 “The View from the Lake” newsletter. Thank you, Alban!


Copywriting, Editing, and Content Provision Testimonials

Terrie Leigh Relf reviews and edits our business documents and website content. Her editing is thorough and focused on improving clarity and streamlining our messages without imposing on our style. Brevity can be difficult to obtain when writing about complex topics but Relf’s orderly questioning inevitably leads to us shortening our written content to meet the needs of the audience rather than our need to be detailed! Relf quickly turns documents around and doesn’t hesitate to ensure there is consistency across multiple documents or that specialized terms or phrases are presented correctly. We don’t have to be concerned about grammar curiosities as Relf will ensure that the grammar is correct as well.
I highly recommend Relf for your business writing and editing.

– 107 Garden

Terrie Leigh Relf assisted me with the development of a webinar based on my previously published books and recently developed material. Over this project’s duration, she demonstrated a strong work ethic, was punctual for conference calls, consistently met deadlines, had an attention to detail, and provided valuable insights. This resulted in a superior end product.
I recommend Ms. Relf’s researching, consulting, copywriting, and editing skills because she is client-centered, values confidentiality, and is dedicated to seeing a project through to its completion. As an added bonus, Ms. Relf has experience within the coaching field.

– Jonathon Aslay, Writer, Speaker, and Coach

Writing Coaching & Consulting

Terrie Leigh Relf is so inspiring; I am currently in the process of writing a 3-5 chapter capstone project for my Masters degree.  I had become stressed in the process of my literature review and it caused disorganization and little commitment. I almost had thrown in the towel. I began meeting with Terrie Via Zoom 1x a week, and she shared techniques for successful writing with me and encouraged and held me accountable. She also helped me re-adjust when life continued to get in the way. I completed my literature review and received an A. I am so thankful that our paths crossed, as she is an amazing writing coach. Thank you, TerrIe.
– Nina M. Iturrizaga MSOL Student San Diego, CA

I want to THANK YOU in a big way for your help on my Sci(na)ku article that came out in the May 2015 Scifaikuest. I was delighted with the final version and owe that to you. Your advice was invaluable on everything from wording, article length, which poems to leave in and take out, general encouragement and much-needed guidance on formatting references. I truly could not have successfully finished my first article without you.

Thank you again for your encouragement and kindness,

– Lauren McBride, Writer

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