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Are You Going Through a Major Life Transition?

Are you currently facing a major transition? Perhaps your children have recently moved out of the home, you’re in the process of changing careers, or you are preparing for retirement. Chances are that you have quite a few ideas . . . If you’re wondering, “What now?!” and would like to explore what you really want in life, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. JUST KNOW there is so much more to experience and discover!

Attention Life Coaches, Reiki Masters & Holistic Health Practitioners

Do you feel your website reflects you  – and your professional services – in the best way possible?

Have you been so busy seeing clients that you haven’t had time to redraft your web copy?What about workshop announcements and marketing letters? Does your existing content need more energy, SEO updating, or a solid edit?

Or perhaps you’re focusing on an article, blog series, eBook, or other book-length manuscript. Have you come to a place in your process where you would like someone within the same, or similar, field to provide feedback, assist with development or other aspects of the writing process?

Isn’t it time to delegate  and add a writing coach to your team? Someone to keep you on-track and accountable to your writing and publishing goals? Someone to provide editorial guidance and other related services – including Reiki-Infused NLP & Hypnotherapy coaching specifically for writers? Someone who will be there to co-create with you?

Just imagine how awesome it will feel to have another person on your team. . .You will be able to focus your energy on doing what you do best – being there for your clients!

With over thirty years of combined experience as a freelance editor, copywriter, content provider, author, educator, and writing coach, I excel at being able to step into and co-create with my clients. Since I, too, am a certified life coach and Reiki Master, I understand how important it is to connect and communicate authentically with clients and colleagues.

Contact me now for a complimentary consultation at or 619.269.0706 (PST).

Take Your Writing to the Next Level with NLP & Hypnotherapy

As a writer, you focus on looking for – and discovering – useful resources on a regular basis. These may range from glossaries to reputable websites for historical and current facts as well as other resources for writers such as submission guidelines and agent listings. Since you are aware that your brain – and your three-fold mind – is one of the greatest resources you possess, take a moment to consider how much time (and vital energy) you spend truly exploring – and utilizing – its incredible power on a daily basis. . .

Would you like to discover abilities and access knowledge you have always known you possessed? Reconnect with your life purpose? Enhance your creativity? Be more productive? Create more time to write? Experience even more personal and professional success?


Did you know Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis can enhance your creativity and take your writing practice to the next level – and beyond? Do any of the following feel like something you want to experience?

  • Clear writers block along with other beliefs and behavior patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Learn and model motivation, time management, and other strategies for success.
  • Access and explore your subconscious mind for ideas – and to recall lost manuscripts.
  • Enhance creativity, learning, and memory so that you are able to be in-the-zone whenever you want.
  • Relieve stress and increase ability to focus so that you are at the top of your game.
  • Improve communication skills to enhance interpersonal relationships and create rapport with self and others.
  • Create reasonable – and attainable – goals.

Separately, NLP and Hypnosis can make a significant impact on your writing and in your writing practice. When used together, each enhances the other for faster and more lasting results. Just imagine the resources you’ll have to exponentially expand your writing practice – and your success!